At Headquarter Automotive we are eternally motivated by one word: Kaizen, meaning “continuoaus improvement.”

This Japanese word is an integral part to how we conduct business – both internally and externally. Each and every one of us at Headquarter Automotive strives for continuous improvement day in and day out.

We believe in continuing to better ourselves as a dealer group, as leaders, as managers, and as problem solvers for our customers. In order to achieve the volume and customer service levels we have attained, we have had to regularly rethink, reapply and redefine who we are and how we operate. As one of our core company values states,

“There is no best. There is only better.”


How does this manifest
itself on a daily basics?
Let us show you our ways.

Happy Customers

After more than 27 years of providing automotive solutions, Headquarter Automotive is proud to have served nearly 2 million customers. We have sold approximately 185,000 new and used cars since opening its doors in 1990. We are a long-term, high sales volume group, with consistent performance year over year.

This means we have had a conversation, shared a smile, and made memories with nearly two million customers since we opened our first dealership in 1990.  As a company, we are most proud of the relationships we make every day with our local community.  We are consistently ranked among the best in the country in customer satisfaction and we are currently passionately hard at work serving our next million customers ?

Ritz Carlton

Our CEO and founder, Jeronimo M. Esteve enlisted the help of the Ritz Carlton Hotel Company a brand synonymous with exceptional customer service.

It was his idea to seek the guidance of the Ritz Carlton Hotel Company to train the Headquarter management team in customer service excellence. His goal was – and continues to be simple: to be the leading customer satisfaction dealership in the country.
As such, he engaged the leaders in the luxury service industry. Headquarter Toyota is the only Toyota dealership enrolled in this program.


Headquarter managers are not the only ones privy to customer service excellence training.  We employ more than 500 associates, each of which is required to attend our “WeR4 Training”—Headquarter’s unique and ongoing customer service training, derived from the lessons learned through our Ritz Carlton customer excellence training program. By combining the most effective elements from the Ritz Carlton ‘handbook’ with best industry practices, our associates not only receive the best training in customer service, but also feel empowered to go above and beyond when servicing customers. Each associate is taught to go above and beyond when interacting with clients.

At Headquarter Automotive, we couple our exceptional customer service
with value, integrity, affordability, and quality.

Our associates,
Our most valued asset

As a company, we know that our most valuable asset is our associates.

Together, they have a combined tenure of more than 1,400 years with our company. Nearly 20% of our associates have been with us for more than 10 years, and 75% have been with us for more than five years. We pride ourselves on our employee retention, and we attribute our successful retention rates to creating an environment that fosters honesty, discipline, respect, teamwork and empowerment.

Business improvements
Business improvements

We hold monthly Business Improvement Meetings (BIMS) at all our dealerships. Each department is represented by a manager and a frontline associate. These meetings are a forum intended to streamline, create, and improve processes together as a team to maximize the associate and customer experience.


Headquarter Automotive associates, at every Headquarter dealership, in every department attend a daily line-up with their manager and general manager. At these meetings, associates are encouraged to share a “wow story” based off of one of Headquarter Automotive’s ten core values (listed above in CREDO card). Each line- up is dedicated to a different core value – selected at the beginning of the meeting.
“Wow stories” are shared between dealerships and have become a source of immense pride among associates. We believe this sharing practice motivates associates to continually exceed Headquarter’s high expectations. Associate birthdays and anniversaries are also shared during these daily gatherings, ensuring all associates’ special days are celebrated.


At Headquarter Automotive, we are trying to minimize our impact on the environment. After all, we know we are nothing without it. As such, two of our newest dealerships are LEED certified, with one being Honda’s first LEED Platinum dealership in the world, and the first LEED Platinum-certified facility in the Florida. All new Headquarter dealerships will have an emphasis on eco-sustainability with the goal of one day being
All new Headquarter dealerships will have an emphasis on eco-sustainability with the goal of one day being recognized as the most energy-efficient automotive dealer group in the nation.


Headquarter Automotive is proud to work with local and national charity organizations. While we are involved in a wide array of charities and organizations, we focus more on education and cancer research – both are near and dear to our hearts.
A few of the non-profit organizations we work with include:

Partners in Education

In 2011, Headquarter Automotive became an official “Partner in Education” to the Orange Country Public School System. Together, with Workforce Central Florida and Junior Achievement (both non-profit organizations), we are working to educate middle school and high school students on energy-efficient buildings and sustainable technologies.
In 2015, Headquarter Toyota was named an official business partner of the Miami Dade Public School System for its support of science and technology programs in local schools. Our CFO Judy Serra was named “Principal for the Day” at Hialeah Gardens Middle School for her ongoing work and commitment to them.

STEM* Day Field Trips

Every quarter, Headquarter Honda hosts a STEM Day Field Trip at its Central Florida dealership. One hundred at-risk middle school students from Orange County and Lake County Public Schools visit the LEED Platinumcertified dealership and attend educational sessions on sustainability, hosted by Headquarter Honda’s own associates. Through these STEM Day Field Trips, we are able to lend our LEED Platinum-certified facility as ahands-on science laboratory for students learning about eco-sustainability.

*STEM = Science, Technology, Engineering, Math

Finding a Cure

Since 2017, Headquarter Automotive has been an active partner with The MPS SuperHero Foundation, a non-profit organization that raises money to fund the cure for MPS II. MPS II (also known as Hunter Syndrome) is a progressively degenerative genetic disease that almost exclusively affects males. Without a cure, affected children are unable to live a normal life, losing their physical and mental function over time. Unfortunately, children with the genetic disease will not live past their teen years. Headquarter Automotive is committed to finding a cure. Since partnering with The MPS SuperHero Foundation, Headquarter Automotive has raised more than $30,000 to date through various events such as a Jingle Bell Jog and kickball tournaments. Most recently, Headquarter Automotive has pledged to donate $20 for every car sold, encouraging other local companies to follow suit. To learn more about MPS and how you can help, please click here.

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