About us

Headquarter Automotive is a Florida-based, award-winning automotive group owned and operated for more than 25 years by Jeronimo M. Esteve.

We are recognized as the largest Hispanic-owned dealership in the U.S., and as one of the country’s 500 largest Hispanic-owned companies.

We have a successful, well-documented history in transforming struggling dealerships into award-winning, profitable businesses. Since opening our doors, our fleet of dealerships has been profitable every month.

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We have adopted Toyota’s philosophy of Kaizen as our own.

Yes, we are a leader in customer satisfaction, but yet, we are always enhancing our facilities and finding ways to personalize and elevate the car buying and servicing experience.

Our associates regularly attend client-oriented seminars, using lessons from our Ritz Carlton Hotel customer service training partnership.

At Headquarter Automotive, we strive to provide the same caliber of customer service one can expect at any Ritz Carlton property.

It is through this highly-detailed, client-tailored experience that we are able to forge long-lasting customer relationships.

We are also a leader in sales volume, but as Kaizen teaches us, we continuously strive to sell more.

Yes, we have serviced nearly two million customers, but we aim to bring—and keep—two million more through our doors.

At Headquarter Automotive, we are incessantly pushing ourselves to set the bar higher in every aspect of our business.

Our pool of talented industry experts is in constant search of business opportunities, and ready to act when the moment arises.

Executive Team

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Headquarter Honda

Established in 2010, Headquarter Honda is our second largest dealership in the group.

Within its first three years of operation, the Clermont-based facility took control of owning approximately 20% market share, became—and continues to be—a leader in customer service, and was awarded the prestigious Honda President’s Award in 2013. In 2016, Headquarter Honda received its second President’s Award.

Additionally, Headquarter Honda is one of the most energy-efficient buildings in the world.

The 48,000 square-foot dealership is the first commercial building in Florida to earn the US Green Building Council’s (USCBC) highest ranking, receiving the organization’s official LEED Platinum certification.

Address: 17700 STATE HWY 50, CLERMONT, FL 34711
Phone: (407) 395-7500
URL: www.headquarterhonda.com

Headquarter Toyota

Headquarter Toyota in Miami, Florida is our flagship dealership. The store has been recognized as a top 1% Toyota dealer in the nation, top 20 Toyota volume dealer in the nation, and a leading Southeast Toyota dealer for more than 25 years. The dealership opened its doors in 1990, and it is a true turnaround story. Prior to our acquisition of the dealership, the store was one of the worst-ranking dealerships for customer service. Now, Headquarter Toyota is—and continues to be—one of the highest-ranking dealerships in the nation, continuously being recognized for customer service and retention, market share attainment, sales and service.

Address: 5895 NW 167th ST, HIALEAH, FL 33015
Phone: (866) 839-5083
URL: www.headquartertoyota.com

Headquarter Mazda

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Headquarter Hyundai

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