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Whether you are an industry novice or veteran, Headquarter Automotive is the ideal place to begin or continue your career in the automotive industry. We are a team of passionate and driven individuals, operating in a close-knit community where mentorship and collaboration are highly encouraged.

Everything we do goes back to our belief in the Japanese word, Kaizen—meaning continuous improvement. We encourage and support our team members to do the same by continuously offering training programs, manager check-ins and business improvement meetings. We are constantly evolving and growing as a brand, a team and as individuals.

Our core philosophy revolves around truly valuing and empowering associates. Talent and hard work are rewarded with opportunities for advancement. All of our managers have been promoted from within the organization, averaging more than eleven years with the company. Long-term career opportunities promote high employee satisfaction, which results in high customer satisfaction. Our “promote from within, promote the best” philosophy also acts as a non-monetary incentive, prompting associates to give their best each and every day. The happiest associates provide the best customer service, and Headquarter Automotive is proud to consistently be recognized as the best in customer service.

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