Executive team Bios

Jeronimo M. Esteve III

President & Chief Executive Officer

Jeronimo M. Esteve is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Headquarter Automotive.

Under his leadership, Headquarter Automotive has become one of the top 100 dealer groups in the nation, has won countless of awards for customer service, sales and market share, and has won eight Toyota President Cabinet Awards—the highest honor a dealership can be awarded. Mr. Esteve is also the recipient of the Ellis Island Medal of Honor, which “pays homage to the immigrant experience,” and the immigrant contribution made to America. Past recipients include President Bill Clinton, Henry Kissinger, and Martin Scorsese.

Mr. Esteve runs one of the country’s 500 largest US Hispanic-owned companies. He was born in Cuba and raised in Puerto Rico where he began his automotive career as a sales representative, before working his way through the ranks to become Vice President. In 1985, he became President of Bella International, a Puerto Rican-based distributor of Honda manufactured products. In this capacity, he expanded the business and became the sole distributor of Honda products in Puerto Rico and U.S. Virgin Islands.

During his tenure as Bella International’s President, the Honda Accord captured 40% of the market share in its product category, and ranked as the number one purchase-intent brand among all the imports in Puerto Rico. He was also invaluable in launching the Acura brand, which at the time became the number one luxury import in the market. From there, Mr. Esteve founded Headquarter Automotive in 1990 – a privately-owned company that includes Toyota, Honda, Hyundai and Mazda dealerships, in addition to Champion Rent-a-Car and Best Insurance. The group’s flagship dealer, Headquarter Toyota is celebrating its 27th successful year as an industry leader in sales efficiency, CSI, and customer retention. These efforts have been commemorated with eight Toyota President’s Cabinet Awards, 20 President’s Awards, and 23 Board of Governors Awards


In 2008, Mr. Esteve expanded Headquarter Automotive with the addition of Headquarter Honda in Clermont, Florida. Construction on the state-of-the-art facility (and Florida’s first LEED Platinum-certified automotive dealership) began in the summer of 2009, and opened its doors in March 2010. As a direct result of Mr. Esteve’s leadership and expertise, Headquarter Honda has become a community fixture in Central Florida and a market leader in customer satisfaction, customer retention, market share, sales efficiency and loyalty. Mr. Esteve introduced another brand into the Headquarter family in May of 2013, with the purchase of Bob Dance Hyundai – a struggling dealership in Sanford, Florida. The dealer rebranded as Headquarter Hyundai, and with that ownership change came customer satisfaction and dealership profitability. Headquarter Hyundai has earned one of the best customer satisfaction indices in the district and has an outstanding online reputation. Since joining the Headquarter fleet, sales volume at Headquarter Hyundai have jumped to become one of the higher volume stores in the Orlando district.

In addition to being a respected industry veteran, Mr. Esteve brings professional management experience, having built a solid team that specializes in customer service. Mr. Esteve and team credit much of their success to the group’s 2006 partnership with the Ritz Carlton Hotel Company. Headquarter managers received Ritz Carlton customer service training to become knowledgeable on how to continually exceed customer expectations in a professional and ethical manner. Now, each new Headquarter employee must undergo rigorous customer service training based off of the Ritz Carlton model. Altogether, Headquarter Automotive employs more than 500 team members – all who provide excellent customer service while delivering value, integrity, affordability and quality to each customer—a tradition Mr. Esteve ensures takes top priority within the company.

Mr. Esteve credits his success to making thoughtful, analytical and well-informed decisions—all while staying committed to a core set of values: integrity, generosity, innovation, a true desire to improve the world, and of course, hard work.

He received his undergraduate degree from the University of Miami in Economics, and has also taken graduate programs at Tufts University and Harvard Business School.

Mr. Esteve is celebrating his 40th wedding anniversary with Yazmin Salgado. They three children and four grandchildren.

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Judy Farcus Serra

Chief Financial Officer

Judy Farcus Serra serves as Headquarter Automotive’s Chief Financial Officer.

In this role, she is responsible for Headquarter’s financial health and growth. Much of her day is spent on project planning and implementation, manufacturer relations, vendor relations and negotiation, finance negotiation and lending source dealings. Judy also oversees the development and management of Headquarter Automotive’s senior management. She is an industry veteran with three decades of experience in the automotive sector. As such, Judy remains heavily involved in Headquarter Automotive’s operational leg.

Judy came to Headquarter Toyota in 1997 as Office Manager, after working at two Chevrolet dealers for 12 years. From there, Judy continued to earn promotions being that she is innovative and resourceful. In 2001, Judy was promoted to Controller; and in 2005, to Assistant General Manager due to her invaluable involvement in long-term planning, and in matters relating to the financial and operational sides of Headquarter Automotive.

Since then, Judy has been instrumental in expanding Headquarter. In 2010, Judy played a critical role in opening Headquarter Honda in Clermont, Florida --- a new franchise awarded to the group. In 2013, she took the lead on acquiring a Hyundai dealership. Immediately following the Hyundai acquisition, she took the lead on applying for a Mazda franchise in Clermont, Florida. Along with the rest of the group’s executive team, Judy planned and developed the interest in Mazda, and shortly thereafter Headquarter Automotive was awarded a Mazda franchise in mid-2014. From there, her role as Headquarter Automotive’s Chief Financial Officer began evolving. Judy is celebrating her 20th year with Headquarter Automotive. She is married to Gregory Serra and they have an 18-year-old son, Justin. Outside of the dealerships, she enjoys spending time with her family, being involved with dog rescues, cooking, deep sea fishing, and volunteering and advising at a local middle school as a Miami-Dade business partner. Judy is also incredibly passionate about empowering women—in and out—of the automotive industry. She has taken on numerous mentorship roles.

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Jeronimo Jose Esteve IV

Sales, VP / General Manager

Jeronimo Jose Esteve IV is Headquarter Automotive’s Vice President of Sales and General Manager to three of its dealerships: Headquarter Honda, Headquarter Hyundai, and Headquarter Mazda.

He has a keen understanding of the industry and how to successfully grow and manage dealerships as he has held nearly every position within a dealership. He is a fourth-generation automotive insider.

Before becoming Headquarter’s VP of Sales, Jeronimo worked as a body shop customer representative and assistant parts manager at Headquarter Toyota. Additionally, he held positions within the service department as a technician, service advisor, and assistant service manager. Jeronimo moved to variable operations in 2007 where he became the used car manager.

In 2009, Jeronimo was promoted to General Manager of Headquarter Honda in Clermont, Florida. He served as Headquarter’s point person during the expansion, overseeing the construction of the LEED Platinum-certified facility, recruiting and staffing the Honda dealership. He was also responsible for growing the talent in Central Florida to prepare for further expansion. Jeronimo leveraged his experience from Headquarter Toyota to effectively implement proven dealership system and processes to the Clermont/West Orange market.

Within its first three years of operation and under Jeronimo’s management, Headquarter Honda took control of owning approximately 20% market share, became—and continues to be—a leader in customer service, and was awarded the prestigious Honda President’s Award in 2013. In 2016, Headquarter Honda received its second President’s Award.

In 2013, as Headquarter Automotive’s Vice President of Sales, Jeronimo identified a struggling Hyundai dealership that he thought had the potential to be a solid acquisition/expansion for the group. Shortly after identifying the opportunity, Headquarter Automotive purchased Bob Dance Hyundai, a poor-performing dealership based in Sanford, Florida. Jeronimo lead the negotiation process and sale of the transaction. The dealership was rebranded as Headquarter Hyundai. Under Jeronimo’s supervision, the dealership made a complete turnaround. Headquarter Hyundai had a breakout sales year in 2013, and has earned one of the best customer satisfaction indices in the district. Sales volume have also jumped, making Headquarter Hyundai one of the higher volume stores in the Orlando district.

Headquarter Hyundai and Headquarter Honda have both been classified by Edmunds.com as “5-star dealership” – a distinction few dealerships hold. Both continue to operate under Jeronimo’s supervision and expertise.

Jeronimo earned his Bachelor’s degree from Dartmouth College in 2003. He also attended NADA University at Babson College Center for Executive Education. NADA is the National Automobile Dealers Association.

During his free time, Jeronimo enjoys spending time with his wife Maritere and their two sons Jeronimo Andres and Nicolas. Competitive by nature, Jeronimo also enjoys fishing tournaments, racing cars, and competing in National and International Amateur golf tournaments.

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Alexandra Esteve

Marketing, VP

Alexandra Esteve serves as the Vice President of Marketing at Headquarter Automotive.

In this capacity, she is responsible for managing all corporate marketing, including external communications relating to new business leads. Since taking on the role of VP of Marketing in 2012, Headquarter Automotive has grown from one dealership into an expansive family of dealerships representing large names such as Toyota, Honda, Hyundai, and Mazda.

As a fourth-generation salesperson, Alexandra is a seasoned car veteran who understands the complexities of the industry. She began her formal career in the automotive industry in 2008 as the Marketing Director for Headquarter Toyota. As Marketing Director, Alexandra oversaw the execution of traditional marketing strategies, in addition to the conceptualization and implementation of new e-commerce strategies. Alexandra created and built the internet department at Headquarter Toyota, introducing online car sales to the dealership. As a result, Headquarter Toyota became—and continues to be—the top 15 volume sales dealer in the United States, the top dealership in Florida, and online sales constitute 20% of all dealership sales.

In 2009, Alexandra was instrumental in marketing and promoting our launch of Headquarter Honda – overseeing all press and branding efforts. Additionally, she partnered with the University of Central Florida to produce a documentary on Florida’s first LEED Platinum-certified facility, which also serves as Headquarter Honda. The “Hondamentary,” which Alexandra spearheaded, highlights the ins-and-outs of our Honda dealership, which is one of the world’s most energy-efficient buildings.

In 2013, with Headquarter Automotive’s acquisition of a struggling Hyundai dealership, the group, once again, leaned heavily on Alexandra for the rebranding effort. Alexandra led the challenging task of rebranding the Hyundai dealer from being Bob Dance Hyundai, a known-to-be-struggling dealer to Headquarter Hyundai. Her rebranding efforts proved to be triumphant as the Hyundai dealership made a complete turnaround. Headquarter Hyundai had a breakout sales year in 2013, and has earned one of the best customer satisfaction indices in the district. It is now one of the higher volume dealerships in the Orlando district.

Alexandra brings an unparalleled creative force to the team. She is the mastermind behind the popular Lazaro, el lechon digital and linear media campaign. The Spanglish talking pig has become a community sensation in South Florida, with YouTube views surpassing the 100K mark. Alexandra continues to be an innovative marketer for the group. She frequently partners with up-and-coming influencers and has them agree to exclusively represent the Headquarter Automotive brand. Alexandra identifies the influencers, and forges the partnerships. As a result of these efforts, our brand has reached millions solely through social media.

Alexandra received her Bachelor’s degree in Business Management from Babson College in 2007. She later moved to Madrid to pursue an International MBA at IE Business School.

Alexandra was born in Puerto Rico, and raised in Miami, Florida. She enjoys traveling, painting, jewelry making, and photography.

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